This was just about once of the last summits closest to me that I had no activated yet and truthfully was hesitant to for a little while. Due to no geocaches in the area i figured this summits was unattainable. But good things come to those who are curious. Route Start at Bishop Ranch park, […]

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W6/NC-323 Black Point KK6ZLY

Parked at Mitchell Canyon visitor center 96 Mitchell Canyon Rd, Clayton, CA 94517   Not sure if you have to pay for parking during the weekend. This was the only location with water and restrooms on the trail so fill up. No cell service in parking lot. Decided to take the clockwise route around to […]

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One of the newest summits added to W6 region. This is the first activation of this summit. Take Highway 1 to White House canyon rd. take this unpaved and bumpy but public off- road 1 1/2miles till you get to a sign that says “no public access”. There are places off to the side for […]

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#250 Geocaching finds

on 3/14/16 I found my 250 geocache. So far I have been geocaching for 233 days. I discovered this hobby while posting in the ambulance at ST Rose hospital. I was swiping through app’s looking for something, or some type of game that would get me out of the ambulance (not too far) whenever we […]

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Mt Allison W6/ NC-180

2/2/16 Start from Tularcito Trail, Milpitas, CA 95035 there is a $10 charge to enter the park, you pay at a kiosk that you drive up to that takes cash and card. Dogs are allowed. The trail is closed to bikes and esquarians after it has just rained. Full sprint cell service from parking lot. CAUTION: […]

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